ReCONvene Registration Will be Capped

We are delighted by the response to ReCONvene 2020 by fans and SF/F lovers. Registration has been very strong, and since this is our first online convention, we want to ensure that our resources aren’t overwhelmed. Therefore, we care capping paid registrations at 700 members, and we anticipate landing close to that number naturally, whichContinue reading “ReCONvene Registration Will be Capped”

ReCONvene Memberships are Now Available!

ReCONvene memberships are a flat of only $10.00. Get your membership today and receive unlimited access to all program activities, discussions, and events. Register today! Our modest $10 membership fee helps to cover NESFA’s basic costs for this event. Any extra income over will go to Boskone to help pay for American Sign Laguage services,Continue reading “ReCONvene Memberships are Now Available!”