Registration for ReCONvene 2020 is now closed. Thank you for thinking of us. We hope to see you next year.

2020 Membership: $10.00
Your membership gives you full access to ReCONvene, all of our events and talks, and to the website and event materials.

Supporting Contribution (Not a Membership):  $5.00
Can’t attend, but still want to help? You can contribute a monetary gift to help ReCONvene and Boskone. Your gift helps defray expenses such as converting to an online format, providing American Sign Language services, assistance with our New Voices Fund, memberships for those in need, and more. Thank you for supporting fandom.


As Boskone’s sister convention, reCONvene lives within NESFA’s convention database. This means that the registration process may identify an existing record with your name on it.

If Grenadine finds a record for you and you tell it “this is me,” it will use that record for your registration rather than creating a duplicate record. If you tell it “this is not me,” it will create a new record in the database for your registration. 

If you have a preexisting record in the database, you can update your information during the registration process or you can contact us at


ReCONvene takes place online on Saturday, August 15, and programming begins at 11:00 am Eastern Time. You will be able to access content through the program schedule, hosted on the Grenadine platform, and all panels, demos, and discussions will be held via password protected Zoom rooms.

Our $10 membership fee helps to cover NESFA’s basic costs for this event. Any extra income over will go to Boskone to help pay for American Sign Language services, to fund our New Voices Program, and to help provide memberships to those in need for both ReCONvene and Boskone.

For those who would like to give a little extra financial assistance to ReCONvene and Boskone, the registration page includes an “add on” option to make an additional gift to NESFA in $5 increments.

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