ReCONvene is an online convention that takes the issue of member conduct seriously. If you have questions, please be sure to read our Code of Conduct for more information.
ReCONvene Code of Conduct
Be respectful and courteous toward others. We expect you to understand that even though this is an online convention, “no” means no. Harassment of any kind, from intimidation to verbal abuse to illegal behavior will not be tolerated. This policy applies to your interactions with everybody. We also expect you to refrain from illegal, destructive, and hazardous conduct. Violation of this policy can result in action by the con committee ranging from warnings, to having your membership revoked with no refund, to permanent banning. Action by the convention in no way precludes the injured individual from pursuing whatever remedies, civil or criminal, as they see fit. If you feel you are being harassed, please let the Con Chair or a NESFA Officer know. If necessary, please ask a Committee member to find one of those people for you. You will be treated with respect and your concerns will be taken seriously. All names involved will be kept confidential to the extent possible, but any accused person has the right to know enough details to be able to defend himself or herself. Please note that other behaviors, including but not limited to destruction of the virtual con space, can also result in the actions described above. ReCONvene is a members only event and the con committee reserves the right to determine who may be a member.
Weapons Policy
While virtual weapons do exist, we expect you to refrain from illegal, destructive, and hazardous conduct that harm others.


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